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Registration to WAO 2023 (click here)

The registration page of WAO 2023 is now available at;

The deadlines of the registration and payment are;
Registration with presentations: Jun.30.2023 (Friday).
Early registration: Jun.30.2023 (Friday).
Registration cancellation: Aug.10.2023 (Thursday).
Registration for participation: Aug.15.2023 (Tuesday).
Late registration: Aug.15.2023 (Tuesday).

The workshop banquet dinner will be held on Sep.13 (Wednesday).
A simple reception will be organized in the evening of Sep.10 (Sunday).
The site tours are organized in the afternoon of Sep.14 for J-PARC (A)
or KEK Tsukuba campus (B), and of Sep.15 for NIRS/QST (C) or KEK
Tsukuba campus (D).

The payment page will be ready at the beginning of May. It will be
informed to registrants via e-mail. The following is the list of registration fees.
Early full registration ticket: 65,000 JPY (until Jun.30.)
Later full registration ticket: 75,000 JPY (after Jul.1 to Aug.15.)
Additional ticket per accompanying person: 10,000 JPY
Daily registration ticket: 20,000 JPY
(The daily ticket doesn't include the banquet. 65,000 JPY approximately
corresponds to 500 USD and 450 EUR.)

Please follow the comments on the registration page. If you have any
further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us

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